Karben4 Brewing Co.
Project overview

Karben4 Brewing has been collaborating with KDCO for a few years now. We've been putting in long hours at the studio to craft and hone in on the K4 branding including can designs, sell sheets, and even merchandise design.

Branding Design
Design & Illustration
Packaging Design
Art Direction

Can Designs

Our approach to can design goes beyond aesthetics. It's about encapsulating the brand's identity, the essence of the brew, and the artistic spirit of the brand. We collaborated with K4 on a few special release brews and loved tapping into the K4 aesthetic.

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Marketing Design

Karben 4's community is a huge part of their success. After 11 years, the brewery grew out of their old brand look and feel and needed an upgrade. Fusing industrial textures and shapes with a modern (and very green) layout, the Karben 4 branding got a facelift suitable for another 11years.

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Special Release Beers

Not all beers get the luxury of being wrapped with a glossy sleeve. We like to honor those beers by giving them a special name and a sweet little graphic to go with their seasonal sprint at the tap.

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Merchandise Design

Its that feeling of wearing your favorite shirt or hat puffing your chest out and struttin' like a dawg. You look down, and you see a K4 badge. Life is good as you grab a handful of stickers with your to-go beer as you walk out the door.

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