Dandy Canna chews
Project overview

Get ready to groove into the world of Dandy – Our pals over in La Crosse are the maestros behind these killer Cannachews. We rolled up our sleeves for this gig, capturing the laid-back vibes, the good-time feels, and a sprinkle of Dandy's own swagger.

Branding Design
Packaging Design
Art Direction

Logo and Brand Design

Dandy's branding is like your favorite hangout spot – effortlessly cool and stylish. We threw in colors that shout good vibes and a logo that's basically the rockstar of the bunch. Dandy isn't just a brand; it's a whole vibe, man.

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CannaChew Packaging

Bringing the brand to life through packaging has been the high of this project. Each packaging flavor is intentionally designed and follows the standard in the cannabis industry. Each strain makeup is shown on the back and, to make it easy on the consumer, a nice little silhouette guy shows you all the areas that your going to feel the effects.

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