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Bevy Brewing Co: A self-pour brewery with a foundation built on exploration

Packaging Design
Art Direction
Design & Illustration

Welcome to 'Bevy,' an innovative self-pour brewery where craft beer fans can sample a wide range of flavors at their leisure. As a beer enthusiast and illustrator, I set out on a creative quest to capture the essence of Bevy's distinct brews through engaging and dynamic beer can graphics.

With a burst of inspiration and a dash of color, I created a series of bright and lively illustrations that showcase Bevy's broad variety. Each artwork captures the brew's individual personality, highlighting the innovation and craftsmanship that goes into every pint poured.

Embracing a playful and eye-catching style, my illustrations not only generate a sense of excitement but also capture the spirit of Bevy as a bright and friendly social hub. Each beer can illustration piques customers' interest, inviting them to taste the complexity of the self-pour experience, whether it's a juicy IPA, a smooth lager, or a refreshing ale.

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