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Bold and smooth coffee illustrations for a global brand

Branding Design
Design & Illustration
Graphics Kit

Espro, a household name in the coffee industry, needed a new brand image that set them apart from their competition which meant creating something unique and interesting. Kinstler Design Company gave Espro that creative edge that would make their work stand out as unique and interesting through website design, product illustration as well as merchandising design - all pivotal parts of this new brand launch.

The client had an excellent product that performed well, but lacked the creative edge that would set them apart from their competition. They were in need of a brand refresh which included new graphic illustrations for their entire line of products along with marketing materials and Illustration for both media and merchandising.

Illustrative elements needed to be added to all collateral in order to give the brand more life and character while maintaining its modern tone. For this project I created Illustrations for Coffee packaging labels as well as Illustrations for Merchandise such as T-Shirts, Hats & Koozies that represent the Espro's store.

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