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Expanding the footprint: Regenerative & Organic Farming Branded Bandana

Design & Illustration
Graphics Kit

I had the pleasure of working on the Regenerative Farming Bandana Design project for a company in Colorado that supports the Regenerative Organic Revolution. The goal was to make a custom-illustrated bandana design that raises awareness about farming methods that help the environment while also expanding their visual brand.

The end result was a design that was both attractive and useful. The design was created with the colors green and gold to represent the natural and rustic nature of farming. The illustrations depicted various regenerative farming practices, such as crop rotation, not till, and science-based composting, and highlighted their impact on the environment.

The company's brand identity and message were also built into the design of the bandana. Their logo and other branding elements were seamlessly merged into the design. The text on the bandana talked about key regenerative farming verbiage and the company's goal of preparing the way for a Regenerative Organic Revolution.

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