Level5 Donuts
Project overview

Embark on a whimsical journey with our latest project – a fantastical creation for a vegan donut shop that's anything but ordinary. Brace yourselves as we take you into the heart of our pirate-themed illustration, where donut ships face off against mischievous octopuses in a battle for the perfect bite. Or maybe the octopus is just trying to do some quality control?

Art Direction
Design & Illustration
Graphics Kit

Tshirt Illustration

Picture this: a courageous donut ship navigating treacherous frosting waves, fending off a mischievous octopus set on snagging a scrumptious bite. It's a sugar-laden adventure where the sweetest victory awaits the boldest donut enthusiasts.

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Pop-Up Promotional Event

Our pop-up shop illustration features the notorious octopus making a scene (again), this time raiding a cart brimming with delectable vegan donuts. This whimsical takeover served as a tasty test – a gauge of interest and support, setting the stage for the potential rise of a brick-and-mortar haven for vegan donut enthusiasts. The event was successful and ended up being sold out!

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