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A pint full of ink: 2022 Oktoberfest Event Illustration

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About the project:

Each year Oktoberfest is celebrated in La Crosse, Wisconsin. A celebration is known as the biggest (apart from Germany itself.) An Oktoberfest button symbolizes those festivities for the coming year and celebration. Working with the La Crosse Festivals, Inc. Board of Directors the below design is based on the representation of the theme and Oktoberfest in general. This year's theme was "Ei, Ei, EI". Leveraging illustration design and composition, this 2" button is worn the weekend of celebration as well as the limited edition that is used as a collectors item.

The goal was to create an illustration that captured the history and energy of true Oktoberfest celebrations. Working through various color iterations, making sure this design read great on banners or small buttons; Creating textures with patterns gives your eye something new every time you see it! Hailed as one of the best designs since conception (and loved by many), the hand-drawn art style will make any festival goer happy while they're out celebrating the culture and drinking large pints of beer.

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Channel 3000
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