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Hopsolutely Delicious: Revival of Ale Asylum Brand & Can Classics

Art Direction
Branding Design
Design & Illustration
Graphics Kit
Packaging Design

This project encompassed a comprehensive rebranding initiative for Ale Asylum, a renowned brewery known for its exceptional craft beers. With a rich history and a loyal customer base, Ale Asylum (through Karben4) sought to revitalize its visual identity and elevate its branding to better resonate with its target audience and strengthen its market position. The project aimed to reimagine and enhance the classic can designs, shelf talkers, one-sheeters, and beer release calendars, breathing new life into the brand while maintaining its core essence.

The new branding visuals brought Ale Asylum's image up to date, incorporating contemporary design elements that appeal to both existing and new consumers. The refreshed brand identity effectively communicates the brewery's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The redesigned cans stand out on shelves, attracting attention through their distinctiveness and visual appeal. The enhanced packaging design helps Ale Asylum's products to be easily recognizable and memorable in a highly competitive craft beer market.

By carefully maintaining key brand elements, the rebranding initiative successfully retained the loyalty of Ale Asylum's existing customer base. The updated can designs and marketing collateral have been positively received by long-time fans, ensuring a seamless transition to the new visual identity.

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