Ale Asylum
Project overview

We've been in cahoots with the Asylum for some time now and have unveiled a turbocharged brand reboot. We're not just talking about a facelift; we've injected Ale Asylum with a whole new vibe.

Picture this: cans that aren't just containers but visual rockstars on shelves, demanding attention and telling tales with every sip. It's tradition shaken up with a modern twist – an ode to craftsmanship that screams, "This is not your average brew!". We aren't talking just about cans either, explore the marketing and sales upgrades as well as merchandise design.

Art Direction
Branding Design
Design & Illustration
Graphics Kit
Packaging Design

Can Artwork

When Ale Asylum and I joined forces to reimagine their iconic cans, it wasn't just a design project – it was a rebellion against the ordinary. Crafting these liquid rebels involved a fusion of tradition and contemporary flair. The result? Cans that not only honor Ale Asylum's legacy but catapult it into the modern beer landscape.

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Marketing Materials

Distributors are comrades, not just partners. Our revamped materials aren't info; they're excitement, a roadmap to the rebellion's next epic drops. From shelf talkers to beer release calendars, every piece is a taste of the bold Ale Asylum experience.

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Merchandise Design

Our work with Ale Asylum's merchandise – where every piece is a masterpiece of design, bringing an unmistakable edge to the style. Crafted with expert precision, the collection embodies the essence of the brand, elevating the asylum look with a touch of anarchy flair.

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