Hop Haus Brewing Co.

Project overview

Our friends down at the Haus know how to have fun and for the past year they have invited us to the party. From the kaleidoscopic journeys of the Recreational Chemistry Series to the limited-edition mayhem of Black on Black Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, each release is a visual and flavorful odyssey. The Hop Haus experience extends beyond the can, with T-shirts, stickers, and hats that redefine brewery swag.

Packaging Design
Design & Illustration

Recreational Chemistry

This ain't your ordinary beer. The Recreational Chemistry Series is a limited-edition mayhem, where flavors party with art. Those vibrant geometric labels? They're not just eye candy; they're Hop Haus rebellion in liquid form. Craftsmanship takes center stage, making each release a rebellious masterpiece. This was the first project we did for Hop Haus and its been one of the favorites.

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2024 Beer Membership

At the end of the day sometimes all you need is a nice big pint filled with your favorite beer. If your a member at Hop Haus they know you by name and have that beer locked and loaded well before you clock out. The 2024 membership program got a major upgrade. It's not merely a membership graphic; it's an invitation to the exclusive world of sophisticated sipping. Join the ranks of those who appreciate the craft.

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Brand Merch' Design

Ready to deck yourself out in the epitome of brewery coolness? We pulled up a seat at the bar, dove into the Haus brand, and came out the other end ready to expand the brewery into customized merchandise. After crafting some beautifully clever headlines (and some pints of beer) we put pen to paper and created a cohesive line of merch' including hats, stickers, and T-shirts.

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Black on Black Can Artwork

The Black on Black special release isn't just a brew; it's a limited-edition marvel that defies norms. With its blocky, Pac-Man style can design and decadent Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, it's a testament to the craftmanship and boldness that define Hop Haus Brewery.

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