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Cannabis Unwrapped: Can Artistry and Packaging that Inspire and Delight

Design & Illustration
Branding Design
Packaging Design
Art Direction

This partnership with HoneyBee Cannabis is definitely one of my favorites. This one-of-a-kind product is distinguished from others on the market by its CBD-infused sparkling water packaged in a 355ml thin can and adorned with a label that is sophisticated, elegant, and just a touch edgy. Utilizing the art-deco style while maintaining a distinct identity through the use of specific contemporary touches and graphics helps to bind this design together.

The use of gold and gray or black as the base allows for each of the many flavors to have a distinctive color pop that helps differentiate them from one another. Once production begins, the gold lines will be given a shiny, textured appearance, which will make the bottle appear even more luxurious when you take it into your hands to take that first sip.

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