Omaha Electric: A Case Study

Omaha electric is an electric company kicking butt out in Nebraska. They were founded in 1987 with just three employees! Now, Omaha Electric has grown to be one of the top 10 electrical contractors in the Omaha, Nebraska area. The team over at Omaha is nothing short of amazing - but their website was not.

Like many companies out there, their website didn't match the level of professionalism and polish that the company works at. This needed to change. They came to me in need of a website refresh. It was a long process of industry research and how their clients interact with their website. All in all the project took about 2 months to complete. Here is the breakdown of their newly polished website and just some of the elements that were improved.

If you just want to skip the case study and check out the gorgeous website for yourself then feel free to check it out here!


Creating a more engaging and functional landing page

This was issue number one. Their logo was large and in charge of their landing page and left the user with no place to go. This was an easy fix that resulted in a more commanding call to action and gave the website the balance that it was craving.

The "brand" color selection on the website was also an issue that needed to get changed immediately. The bold and powerful red wasn't jiving with the type of work that Omaha was producing. Using color balance I gave the website a dominant dark blue tone that complimented the off-white background. Both of those colors were then accented with the Omaha Orange used strictly for buttons, some headers, and other accent elements.

Once navigation, color, and usability were solved the final issue was imagery. A common theme throughout the website, and any website in general, is the use of good imagery. Thanks to their awesome team they were able to get some great action shots and on-site imagery that represented the type of work they do. Showing imagery of people and the work that they do is going to have a much bigger ROI and consumer engagement than some stagnant buildings.


Organizing service information in a pleasing, user-friendly way

Information organization is so crucial, especially if you are a government contractor dealing with multiple clients and services. In the end, you want users to be able to find information quickly and easily. Creating a more dynamic no non-sense menu was necessary to achieve that. Also, as you can see below, once you got to the page you wanted it was important to me to organize the content and not overflow the user with all the information at once. Creating small micro-interactions allows the page load times to be faster as well as creates a more visually appealing webpage! It really is a win-win :)



A no-fuss footer that's mobile-friendly

As a final highlight change we find ourselves at the footer. I have this weird obsession with beautifully laid out and accessible footers. I think mostly because every footer is just so unique and, like everything, there are a million ways to screw it up.

Again, it's all about visual balance. The headers were just too overpowering and fought for your attention with the image and button. Limiting my accent color to just action buttons trains the user to know when they see that that they can interact with it. I also love things that are balanced and aligned so when things aren't I am always compelled to want to fix it!

Giving the user a form to fill out in the header is also so nice because it limits the number of clicks they have to do to get in touch with someone. Which in turn gets them in contact with their consumers quicker, which is always a plus!

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this process with the company and giving them a website they can be proud of! If your looking for a website update like Omaha Electric then shoot me a message or fill out this form. Let me work with you and help you create a website that fits your company and gives you a site you can be proud of. I can't wait to hear from you!

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