My really good idea 💡

Okay Okay Okay … OKAY! I know. Starting a blog in 2020 is a terrible idea.

There’s over 60million blogs already out there, I was terrible at grammar in school, I read that some bloggers dedicate 40hours a week just to their blog, plus they are like really good writers!


Okay. Breathe. Breathe.

Let’s try this again.

My name is Joseph and I am an Illustrator/Graphic Designer … and now newbie blogger! I have been working in the industry for a while now observing, learning, and growing. So why not start a blog, right?

My aim is to grow a community and give back by sharing content and design knowledge. I can’t promise that this will be your typical blog though; I will probably rant, there will likely be many new blogging mistakes made, and there will definitely be GIFS (so prepare yourself). But I promise we will have fun along the way. As a bonus, if you hop on the bandwagon now you get the pleasure of possibly watching it grow into something super cool.

So here’s the scoop - I’ll be posting every Monday on design and design thinking topics from “How to choose colors and fonts that fit your brand” to “10 ways to make money as a young designer”, and on occasion, my favorite, “Pints N’ Pixels” where I chat about beer and critique the brewery logo, label, menu, and more. Because who doesn’t like beer.

My goal is to create easy to read content geared towards every young designer just starting out. The blog will also be giving a platform to the more experienced artists out there so that we can all share what inspires us and how we do what we do. Heck there’s even going to be stuff in here for that wanna-be designer looking for motivation and inspiration. I’ll be sharing tutorials, tips and tricks, and personal experiences that I have had while working in the industry. Plus giving away templates, fonts, and other design goodies along the way!


Stay calm. Stay calm.

I know, it is pretty awesome 😀

Want to know what the best part is though?

That comment and share section!

It’s how us newbie bloggers get our blog out there and connect with our readers. That's you! So if you want to add more insight into a topic, have a different opinion on something that I blogged about, or want to send some love over the inter web then hit up that comment section below and don’t forget to share on the socials.

See you next Monday!

I get alot of my work through word of mouth so if you were happy with my service and design then I would appreciate a rating or recommendation.

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