Coulee Region RSVP: A non-profit organization case study

For those of you who don't know, Retired Senior and Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a non-profit organization serving the La Crosse and Monroe counties. They have been kicking butt since 1973 and are backed by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and Senior Corps.

RSVP is a non-profit organization. They are one of the largest volunteer networks in the nation for people 55 and over. It's an organization that allows those 55 and older to use their skills and talents they have gained over the years, or develop new ones while serving in a variety of volunteer activities within their community. Here is a list of some of their programs.

I have had the pleasure of doing design work for the Coulee Region RSVP for close to three years. I wanted to take some time to appreciate how far they have come as well as champion a company that has believed in the power that good design has.

Previous site design:

Process and Tactics

As you can probably tell the site needed a lot of work. Besides it not being mobile-friendly, the website just had too much going on and wasn't simple enough for the target audience to maneuver through the site quickly as well as digest the content they were looking for. The strength of the website is in its member information and events. Something that I made sure to simplify and showcase with the new design system. They also didn't have a great way to update the website with new information to inform their volunteers. Now with their new site, they can quickly post alerts and new opportunities for their volunteers to see.

Authentic photography was also something that was missing from their site. Capturing their smiling faces was the fun part and allowed their volunteers to put a face to the name. Additional photography was easy and was able to be pulled from CNCS and Senior Corps websites - further connecting the visual relationship between the two brands.

Landing page re-design

About Us Page Design

Volunteer Page Design

Designing the Brand System

Developing a cohesive brand design was an integral part of the process. From newsletters to badges and brochures, the brand had to read across all different types of marketing materials.

Starting out with color I chose to stay pretty true to what was already being used but added some much-needed shades and a pop of a secondary color which opened up some design opportunities and allowed me to play with visual balance.

Choosing the correct typeface was a challenge because of the audience. I wanted it to be modern enough to stand the test of time but also be readable from far away. I landed on Mont Heavy, an underrated typeface that is glorified by a beautiful secondary font - Arial.

Creating an icon set was the most important feature in this whole brand design system. Being able to recognize the programs that you volunteer with is essential and brings pride as well as the ability to recognize it at a glance in a newsletter or on social media.

Now let's look at how it all comes together...

Applying the Brand System

Brochure(top) Newsletter 2018 (Below)

Handcraft Open House Invitation (Below)

Thanks for reading!

If you would like to donate to the RSVP cause, you can do that here.

Or, while your waiting for the next design blog to hit why don't you read some truly inspiring ways that RSVP has changed peoples lives.

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