Aurora Medical Website Wireframe

Intuitive medical portal for both physician and patient use. To document, track, and prevent medical issues. All packaged in an intuitive and simple to use interface.

Initial notes and ideation

I wanted to be as transparent as possible in the way that I work. I usually start out by jotting down everything that is of like category which allows me to visualize patterns and understand how to tackle the UI.

Wire-framing and layout

The next step I usually like to do is understand user flow and sitemap the product. After that I jump into the wire-framing portion of the project and begin to flesh out some of the sketches that I had done above.

High fidelity mockups

Taking the wireframe and layout elements and bringing them to life is the next step. At this step of the process I usually allow myself to be fairly agile and adjust to certain layouts as most problems are found at this stage.

I wanted to create a portal-like system that both the Nurses and Physicians could use. The front end check in desk would sign in the patient (or the patient on their own) while the Physician would be able to log in and see her appointments for the day. By doing this it allows both the Nurse and the Physician to see what patients still need data to be entered.

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