3 books every designer should read.

I'm not going to sugar coat this intro or waste your time with some paragraphs to get you hooked. This isn't some Oprah's Bookclub sponsored bullshit, this is a short curated list of the best creative literature for those who want to start thinking creatively or enhance the way they design.

These books helped me out tremendously in my creative career and have wisdom that I carry with me every day and want to pass on.


Think Like a Freak: Retrain Your Brain

You can purchase it here

Take the plunge and retrain your creative brain! Not even joking, this book is a fundamental game-changer. I never realized that a hot dog eating contest could get me to think differently about creative problems. This book had me thinking and intrigued every step of the way. Steven and Stephen both write in an easy-to-read way that makes their books so much more enjoyable. I read Freakonomics and gave this one a shot, absolutely no regrets.

The War of Art: Win Your Inner Creative Battles

You can purchase it here

Get ready to channel your inner Sun Tzu with this fun take on The Art of War. This book is spectacular because it has great nuggets of creative wisdom. Pressfield exposes every creatives' enemy and tells you how to fight it. He walks through what it takes to be a professional and how to stand apart from those in the crowd. In case you don't want to buy the book here are a couple of my favorites.

The best and only thing that one artist can do for another is to serve as an example and an inspiration.
The professional respects his craft. He does not consider himself superior to it.
Our biggest fear is the fear that we will succeed ... We fear discovering that we are more than we think we are.

Endurance: My Year in Space

You can purchase it here

How can space help me to be a better designer? Well, thanks to this book, it can. You are probably thinking, "even if I do find time to read, I want to read about something in my field!" While this might be effective, I do think that reading and learning outside the area of your career or interest can be super beneficial. That's where the best ideas sprout from.

In this book, Scott Kelly walks you through his life and struggles of getting to be a commander onboard the International Space Station. I learned by reading this book to set my goals high and to sacrifice everything to get there. His story is truly inspiring and highly recommended for both designers and non-designers.

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